Q: Do Emperor lamps work on electronic/digital ballasts?

A: Emperor lamps work well as any competitive brand on electronic ballasts. Performance really depends on the quality of the electronic ballast and the ability of the ballast manufacturer to produce consistently good products.

Magnetic, core and coil ballasts are made to conform to ANSI Standards. ANSI is the American National Standards Institute that establishes specifications on how specific HID lamps are to perform electrically. This designation ensures that all lamp brands work interchangeably on the ANSI compatible ballasts. For example, all major brand 1000 lamps comply with ANSI S52, and when matched with a ballast designated ANSI S52, the consumer is assured that the lamp and ballast are matched correctly. All major lamp brands currently comply with these ANSI standards.

The Emperor Lighting line has been approved with final testing showing the ability of Emperor lights to be able to use the intense charge of power coming from electronic ballasts while also being able to work on magnetic ballasts. They are stamped with a heat sensitive logo which will change color once the lamp attains its full spectrum.

Q: Can I buy directly from Emperor Lighting?
A: No, Emperor Lighting does not sell to the public. We supply our products through Horticultural wholesale company’s that support local retail stores across the United States and Canada. All sales inquiries should be directed to one of our distribution partners in North America. Please refer to the Dealers or Distributor section of this site to locate our authorized distributors.
Q: If I have a problem how do I return an Emperor lamp?
A: All Emperor bulbs have a one year warranty. If a lamp is defective please take it back to the store it was purchased from, we do not accept returns directly from end users.
Q: What is a Metal Halide lamp?
A: A Metal Halide lamp is a High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp in which the major portion of the light is produced by radiation of metal halides and their products of dissociation in combination with metallic vapors such as mercury.
Q: What is a High Pressure Sodium lamp?
A: A High Pressure Sodium lamp is a High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp in which the light is produced by radiation from sodium vapor.
Q: What ballast should I use for my lamp?
A: Ballasts are designed to optimally operate a unique lamp type. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) publishes recommended lamp input specifications for all ANSI type lamps. Use the ballast that is rated for the lamp type and ANSI code of your lamp. The ANSI code can be found on the front of the box of your lamp, and also on the product pages of this site. Less than optimum conditions may affect the lamp's starting characteristics, light output, and operating life. For safety reasons always use UL / CSA listed products.
Q: What is a spectral distribution?
A: A spectral distribution is a plot showing the variation of spectral emission (energy) by wavelength.
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