This series of lights provides 25% more available energy than standard HPS lamps, in turn this allows the plant to grow more rapidly in a shorter time span. These lamps were engineered to work with either magnetic or electronic ballasts. Emperor’s high lumen output lights also potentially reduce the quantity of lamps required to attain and uphold light levels, hence saving the consumer time and money! All these lights are manufactured under the highest standards and undergo rigorous quality control testing at the factory to ensure superior dependability. Each lamp is inspected before being packaged, which is why Emperor Lighting products are backed by a one year warranty.
As the plants start maturing, the need for light in the blue spectrum diminishes and the plants need between 610 nm and 720 nm of red/yellow spectrum light. Emperor’s high pressure sodium bulbs are high in this light spectrum, which simulates the fall sun. This band of light triggers hormones in plants to increase budding and flowering. Emperor’s HPS bulbs are the best horticultural lights available for abundant crops and higher yields.

Lamp Description Ballast
Ansi #
Emperor 1000w HPS (High Output) HPS S52 150,000 24,000 Universal
Emperor 1000w HPS HPS S52 140,000 24,000 Universal
Emperor 600w HPS (High Output) HPS S106 90,000 24,000 Universal
Emperor 400w HPS (High Output) HPS S51 54,000 24,000 Universal
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